Wednesday, 17 November 2010

✴ speaking of weddings...

{ jasmine tiara }
Yesterday it was announced we are to have a Royal Wedding. How very exciting. I wonder if we'll all have a day off and celebrate with union jack bunting and street parties like we did when Charles and Diana got married. And yes it gives me palpitations that I can clearly remember that Royal Wedding even though it was 30 years ago.......{sharp intake of breath...}
I wonder what look our Royal Bride to be will go for...
{ rose adagio corsage comb }
A dear friend of mine is also getting hitched next year, and just when you think the levels of excitement that seem to exude from her every pore couldn't get any bigger.....yesterdays news of sharing a wedding year with the can imagine!!!
{ cherry blossom corsages }
Here are a few images of the headdresses I designed and made this year for two lovely brides, each of them princesses in their own way.
I was quite busy with bridal, bridesmaid, mother of the bride headdresses, not to mention horseshoes and grooms cufflinks. All good fun and such a joy to do. I love the different styles the two brides went for.
{flower fern brooch and comb}
I'm still trying to sort through images for a new website to hopefully get some new commissions next year. I have one booking. With everything getting packed away for next years building extension it will be tricky working from home next year. I doubt I'll be able to take on too much creative making...
... But I'd make an exception for you, Kate.......!
{flora corsage combs}

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  1. Roll on the bunting and parties- I can't wait !
    Louise x