Thursday, 18 November 2010

✴ my creative space

I haven't taken part in My Creative Space for ages. Even now I'm joining as the 169th person...sheesh it's popular, but we love it so. I love visiting other peeps and having a bit of a nosy at the wonderful things they have all been up to. It's a great motivator....or a good kick up the crafty bum...
This week I have mainly been skirting around the issue of the unfinished projects and have instead been tackling the task of the unkempt house { brownie points to me } and enjoying evenings with Kirstie and Turn Back Time while stitching a little zip corsage brooch { the reward }.
I've spotted lots of these in high street shops recently but of course decided I'd make one because all it is really,when all's said and done, is a zip, a brooch back and a little bit of stitchery...job's a good'un!


  1. Wow, this looks great! I've seen them in the shops, too... how lovely to make your own version.

  2. i've seen lots of zipper creations lately, but never a corsage like this. very cool.

    i think it's my first time visiting here, i'll have a little snoop around :)

    happy weekend!