Monday, 15 November 2010

✴ crochet cosy

In a desperate attempt not to sound too much like a bit of an oldie...I have to say that I simply can't believe where the time is going at the moment. Can you believe it's already mid November...I can't! Every year Christmas seems to appear to be ages away and too early to think about then all of a sudden it creeps ever closer and surprises us all into unreadiness and disbelief.
Trying not to sound like an oldie may already be a case of locking the door after the horse has bolted {or something like that} as I have spent most evenings these last few weeks, cosying up with some crochet and Autumnwatch......yup! Definitely not 'down with the kids'...all I need now is a big bag of Werthers and a blue rinse...
And to add to my granny chic, I've been vintage shopping. 
A pressed glass plate {£1.50} which on closer inspection appears to be the base of a butter dish rather like the one back here, and a Grindley jug/sauce boat {£2.50} in a lovely 1950's mint green glaze. Both from the local charity shop.
Also, couldn't resist {who possibly could?} this gorgeous 1950's Arthur Wood jam pot {£10} from the local antique shop. Quite a good haul I think. 
These long winter evenings are getting very cold in our draughty 1930's house. Bbrr... heating on! 
Lots of cake baking, this one in particular was a big hit all round, yummy Bonfire Parkin.
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  1. Those are the most delicious photos. Love the jam jar - will look for your parkin and getto bakin!