Thursday, 30 September 2010

✴ my creative space

{ Wild Plum & Sage Leaf Cufflinks }

There has been much of the precious metal in my space for quite some time now.
With bridal commissions creating lovely silver pieces and much experimentation with leaves.
Now the leaves outside are starting to turn brown and wilt or crumble I'm in a race against time to create some new pieces. 
I made a lovely tiara for a lovely september bride with jasmine leaves and am hoping to create some other pieces. It's a long and slow task, painting silver clay slip onto a tiny fragile leaf, layer by layer...
I have some other design ideas for bramble, wisteria, lavender, sage....I'd better get a move on...
Winter's only round the corner...


  1. The sage leaf cufflink looks absolutely stunning. Love your blog - I'm your newest follower! Will be back!

  2. just gorgeous! love the cufflinks!

  3. The cufflinks were perfect! I asked Sarah to make them and she superceeded my expectations! Made my dream tiara and also some beautiful pieces for my bridesmaids and Mum. Sarah, a public thank you and very happy the leaves worked out!