Tuesday, 20 March 2012

chocolate cheerio cakes

We’ve recently spent some quality time at our local Little Cooks cookery classes. 
The little lady has delighted in putting her pinny on and doing some baking! And of course there is always the added bonus of scoffing your creative culinary delights which you just can’t do with a finger painting!

In fact we’ve been doing a spot of baking at home too, although there really isn’t the space here so have had to wing it somewhat with me whipping up a dough mix or cake batter in the kitchen and the little one completing the most important task of rolling and cutting cookie shapes or spooning mixture into cake cases at the dining table. 
But this suits my neurotic baker ways and helps keep kitchen trauma to a minimum!
Anyway, despite having a stock of cookie dough batches in the freezer for rainy day cookie baking {gosh, doesn’t that make me sound organised...?} I decided today that we would make chocolate crispie cakes because I remember them so well from my childhood, and well, they really are totally simples and just a bit yummy, aren’t they?
Although we don’t eat Rice Crispies in this house.....or Cornflakes for that matter....so Cheerios it had to be!
This is how we made ours.....

Chocolate Cheerio Cakes
100g milk chocolate
75g Cheerios
50g unsalted butter
4 tbsp runny honey {or you could use golden syrup}
50g dried blueberries {or similar}

Melt the chocolate, butter and honey in a bowl over a pan of simmering water until smooth and all melted.
Mix the Cheerios and blueberries in a large mixing bowl and pour the melted chocolate mixture over. Mix until all combined.
Spoon into cake cases and chill for about 40 minutes...or not...if you can’t wait, then scoff immediately and revel in your rebellious ways and sticky fingers! 

This is easy and fun for children to make, except, of course for the melty chocolate bit which should be done by a grown up.
Washing up can be fun too.....although best done in the garden and always a good idea to check everything before putting it back in the cupboard!


  1. Oh BEYOND Yum - my kids will be eternally grateful for this post (who am I kidding - I'll be making these for ME!)LOVE your blog.

    1. Thank you! Yes, they are yum and I have eaten more than the little one for sure!!!

  2. Delicious!! My trouble with making these treats for my boys is that I eat MOST of them! x

    1. Mel, that’s the best reason for making them!!

  3. Wow! That looks absolutely amazing! I would love to try some.

    1. Hello! Give them a go, makes breakfast that bit more exciting!

  4. Hello! You're back! I had no idea, I thought you'd stopped blogging. Just saw you on someone's sidebar - I'm still following but didn't see your posts come up. I have cheerios in my cupboard right now (well the cheapo Tesco version) so might have to give these a go for little one's party at weekend. I usually do rice krispie cakes.

    (ps. do you know you have word verification on? Blogger turned it on randomly on mine, they're really hard to read)

  5. I’m still here!! I’ve been off moving house and having a baby and that sorta thing!! Can’t wait to see what thrifty goodness you have over on your blog!

    { yes I think I turned verification on a while back as was worried about spam but may turn it off as it is a bit of a bore isn’t it? }

  6. Mmm, never thought of using cheerios before... strange when you can use pretty much any cereal (except muesli of course, that would be wrong!) ;)