Monday, 16 May 2011

✴ happy monday

I've been flower mad recently. Dismayed at the lack of floral prettiness in my garden I've been researching the diy option and along the way have discovered a vast array of paper and fabric flower tutorials on t'internet. 
I'm normally crafting fake fabric flowers and twirly, ruchy, frilly bits for hats and headdresses so it was quite pleasing to find some ideas of the paper variety and the larger and more decorative the better.
So on friday afternoon me and the little lady sat at the kitchen table and buzzed away in our little creative spaces, me with cutting and pleating these petals while she got messy with paint and brushes.....
{we are still trying to comb dried paint out of her hair...}
This giant poppy was made from a Martha Stewart tutorial. I changed it slightly, using fabric as well as paper and stuck a large vintage button in the centre. I must say it was a sheer delight to make and pretty simple and quick too. 

This one ended up as a gift for a birthday girl. It was such a calming and relaxing pastime that I'm sure I'll be making more, watch this space....
Happy flower filled week. x


  1. So pretty! And I'm impressed that you have a child who will do her own thing allowing you to do yours - paint in hair notwithstanding ;-)

  2. I don't know which is more gorgeous, the flower or the photo.
    Divine, all of it. I really should take your lead and craft up some flowers for these parts, its so grey and awful here right now.
    Have a happy week. x

  3. Oh, it's an adorable poppy, love it! Your blog is beautiful, I'm a new follower :)