Thursday, 1 July 2010

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Something Blue.......
I'm just popping in to play along with my creative space because it's been yonks! 
Yonks since I was even here......Here's a brief update.....
The little lady has been teething....of epic proportion! Nearly two months of nights screaming and griping. Tantrums and tears....and that's just me....
 I know now, more than ever, that unless you get a decent uninterrupted nights sleep, well, forget getting anything done the next day.... 
I'm running very behind and am constantly playing catch up. 
There's a tiredness and exhaustion that I remember well from the early weeks of motherhood.
Anyway, this time will pass, eventually I will get belated gifts in the post, I will finish new baby gifts - before new babies are teens....and  I will have a home that looks like it has leapt from a page of Homes and Gardens.....I will, oh yes I will......probably.......
In brief but welcome moments of calm creativity I've been busy with bridal commissions.
The wedding headdresses, and then subsequent bridesmaid headdresses were worn with style at the weekend! Hooray job done and huge success. Congratulations to the Bride and Groom.
I'm eagerly awaiting the will post soon.....
I also worked on this commission from the Bride's mother (all top secret) to make the bride a wedding horseshoe with fabrics from the mother of the brides wedding sweet.
I added some blue stitching with the initials of the bride and groom and the date, and of course a dainty blue silk bow.
I loved working on this for many reasons. The obvious sentimental meaning of the gift, the up-cycling of the wedding dress fabric and just the general prettiness.... diamante, ribbons, beading, fabric rose making loveliness of it all.

Three out of four Somethings, ain't bad?!


  1. The word exquisite always pops in my head when I think of your work, words cannot describe when I see photographs of it....just beautiful Sarah! I bet both the bride and her mother are thrilled with what you have created!

  2. it definitely shows when you work on something you love. looks so delicate & dreamy.

  3. Your work is just so beautiful...

  4. The horseshoe is exquisite, what a beautiful gift!

  5. Hi,

    Just checking everything is ok with you. Hoping you are taking a break because of summer, I imagine you are currently relaxing my a pool in the South of France with a glass of wine in hand. But just wanted to check in that everything was ok, not like you to be quiet for so long