Monday, 21 March 2011

✴ happy monday

On a morning wander around the garden with the little lady, watering the new trees recently planted. I noticed that the pear tree seems to have grown significantly already. I was quite pleasantly surprised and started to imagine all sorts of pear based culinary delights I could whip up in the kitchen...I know, waaaay too early to be thinking of a bountiful pear crop! Of course, I may have imagined any sort of growth spurt, I've had so much cough medicine in the last few days I could very well be hallucinating...
No matter, there is so much of spring about the day today, glorious sunshine, blue skies and blossoms fluttering on the breeze. I have onion sets to be planted but that will have to wait until there is more of a perky bounce to my step.
Meanwhile, back on the new desk {yay!} I've taken delivery of several recently ordered supplies. It's always so exciting to open packets of pretty bits of this and that and leads to creative making dreaming and possibilities. I'm just a bit in love with tiny resin flowers, especially these little roses. 
So pretty and kitsch. 
Have a Happy Monday. x

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  1. I totally agree, spring is certainly here, the trees are full of blossom, it is so wonderful.
    I like your blog, it is so pretty.