Monday, 7 March 2011

✴ happy monday

Oh! What joy, to be able to get out into the garden. The feeling of spring is finally upon us and the bitterly cold freeze has at last turned to an amiable chill, and lets face it, as stalwarts to the cold and the rain as we are, here in blighty, a little chill isn't going to put us off getting outdoors after a long miserable winter.
I have now the task of fixing up the garden, which remains in a bit of a hapless state. The vegetable plots need weeding and soil turning ready for some onion, garlic and shallot plantings.
I have new things to plant too. Trees and plants of the edible kind.
So far, me and the little one have planted an apple tree {cox's orange pippin} and a pear tree {conference} and a little quince bush is waiting for me to decide on the perfect place to plant it. I have a big list of other lovelies I'd like to plant but more on that later.
What's going on in your little plot/ acreage/ windowsill? 
Happy monday. x


  1. Well done you and little one. I'm hopeless!!! Planted a monkey puzzle last year and even it has turned up its wee roots and gone to tree heaven. Think I'll try again though now that I'm home more they might get more attention.

  2. Sounds like a lovely day spent in the garden, and your tree choices a beautiful! Our weather here at the moment is totally crazy. Last week was bitterly cold, the weekend was glorious & today it's like we're in the tropics, humid, wet uncomfortable. I can't keep up! xx