Sunday, 20 March 2011

✴ the straw that

{ down the ale }

Morning. I am having a very poorly weekend. I feel as rough as onions {?} and generally a feeling of 'yak' has descended on my poor achey bones. I'm trying to make the most of being able to stay in bed, but am all twitchy with things I want to do and get done.
Having left things to the very last minute {so not like me!?...ahem....} I spent most of yesterday taking piccies for the straw styling challenge as hosted by Tea for Joy. The theme was the Royal Wedding. 
I had loads of ideas but I'll be honest I do have a problem with keeping things simple. I get a bit carried away with the story telling aspect of an photograph and so find it hard not to crowd the image with tons of 'props'! Oh well, it was all good fun and such a lovely theme, made me itchy to arrange a street party, although probably not on my street.....
Also, my new desk is now in place {hooray!} and I spent a few hours on friday morning in a brief break from feeling yukky, to start tidying and sorting all my bits and pieces and stitchery wot nots into neat little piles. It is truly smashing to have my own little space again I must say and as it is nestled in the bay window, the light is amazing. Also it's pretty nice to be working next the mr of an eve. It's cool to be sharing an office, although his corner is neat and tidy and full of proper grown up worky stuff and my corner is, well, not, but rather looks like a haberdashery department that has been 'turned over' by some very untidy thieves....
Things I have learnt;
  • Cats have absolutely no regard for a perfectly set up 'shot' when looking for a place to curl up and go to sleep.
  • Kate may be marrying a different prince, according to this company.
  • An addiction to shopping on etsy is heightened when ill
  • Probably a good thing, but a two year old doesn't appreciate the sadness of the 'Bambi's mum is killed' scene in said film and actually gets bored after the first 10 minutes of any old Disney film, dismissing them all in favour for the preferred and watched often, 'Finding Nemo'.
  • Hot elderflower cordial with a spoonful of honey is a lovely alternative to hot lemon.
Hope you all have/had a lovely weekend.
Check out the straw styling over here.


  1. Hi, sorry you're feeling so rough, I haven't been sleeping well these past few days and I'm wondering if it may be the full moon. Anyhow, love your photos and your blog. And especially your 'Down The Ale' one. Brilliant. Happy I dropped by and discovered yet another cool blog. Hope you have a better week. x

  2. Get well soon. I spent yesterday in glorious warm sunshine and awoke today with a cold. Work that one out!

    I always like your photos, wish I was better at this aspect of blogging!

  3. Oh my goodness, my eldest loved bambi, we'd have to watch it often, though he was quite distressed every time bambi's mama died, & terrified of the hunters! I do hope you are well very soon..x

  4. Kate and Harry! Tee hee hee. now that is funny :)I wonder if the Mugs have actually gone into production?
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. Oh one of 'those' weekends ... yes, I've been there too.
    I hope things come right in your world again soon ... so you can have a wonderful weekend this coming week.

    I love your photo ... I could imagine that working with straws would be quite a challenge.


  6. Hi Sarah, I love your blog! Please could you get in touch with me about featuring some of your projects on Bijoux Bride? Louise :)