Wednesday, 23 March 2011

✴ light & space

I'm still milking this sickness with a hacking cough which is keeping me awake most nights. So not good. Especially now the weather is turning a rosy pink and sunlight blue of springy perfection. Today was glorious, although perhaps less so with a bad nights sleep and a morning meeting to discuss pensions...followed by a meeting to discuss building plans { the trials and tribulations of which are a post in itself which will have to wait for another day - yay! lets talk building regs.......Zzzzzz......}.
Did I mention I have a new desk...? I can't recall........maybe I mentioned it just once.....?!! 
Anyhoo, I'm just loving my new space the light around which is just divine and makes me wonder if BD {before desk} I wasn't just stitching away in a little gloomy cave in the dining room. Like a hobbit.
Note to self~ check quality of stitching in new well lit space on work done BD.

I'm finding in my current state of 'below par' that the simple and quite relaxing task of glueing resin flower cabochons onto hair grips is about all I can muster. But I'm loving in nonetheless.

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  1. Get well soon!!!! Oowww nothing worse that a cold and lack of sleep for the creative space ... loving your hair clips but loving your photos more!!

  2. Ditto - your photos are always really good! Hope you feel better soon. The last time I had a similar cough a helpful friend made me a warm milk with honey and whiskey (I think). It accepted it as I was just that tired - but it knocked me out which made all the difference the following day. Hope you are able to smell the blossom thats in the air at the moment. Its gorgeous!

  3. I love the word 'cabochon'. At least until I say it with my weirdy Aussie/Pommie accent (it sounds much nicer in my head when I imagine an attractive Frenchman whispering cabochons).

    Hope you're feeling ever so much better soon, poppet.

  4. Fingers crossed you're better soon. Loving your photo's, though!

  5. Love your sweet sweet blog...great images. Hope you feel better soon. xoxo

  6. so pretty, hope your better soon

  7. I got all distracted there with Tania mentioning whispering Frenchmen.....
    You poor love. I'd bring you soup and cake if I could to make you feel better.
    At the mo I have a small desk in the corner of the sitting room but Hubby is [supposed to be] fixing up the spare room so I can have some of it, I cannot wait.
    Gorgeous hair grips (like they could be otherwise).
    I confess too, my other half would have got away with buying me kitchenalia 20 years ago, I'm such a saddo!!

  8. Thank you for the sweet comments...

    Tania; Le cabochon, mais oui?
    Kt; I tried the whiskey milk last night and indeed it did send me sweetly to the land of nod with a smile on my face. xxx

  9. hope you are feeling better soon Sarah!
    your pics are ever so lovely & your creations simply amazing!

    keep warm & have a happy weekend ♥