Tuesday, 5 October 2010

✴ shop in haste...

I've been looking out for a vintage pressed glass butter dish for a wee while now. Last week, to break up the drive home from the seaside we stopped off at The Packhouse. I love this place I really do although you're never really going to find bargain basement bits of tat there, it's a bit more shabby chic home there than charity shop cast off. Anyhow, there is so much to see in this vintage emporium that I'm always stuck for choice. As was the case yet again this time and so when they announced the shop was going to close I grabbed this 1950's dish and headed for the hills....um.. obviously via the pay desk....
I didn't do my usual glass stroke - to check for chips.....and there you go, the very next day when I unwrapped the dish from the tissue, I discovered a couple of chips around the plate. So sad, slightly annoyed, but still just a bit in love with this dish. 
The flaws are barely visible and it can still be functional despite the damage so it will get used, often. The good thing with slightly damaged pieces is that you never have to feel precious with them. 
Have you ever bought anything too hastily? I tell you something else I do, I spend ages looking at certain items in a shop and then right at the last minute I'll pick up something completely different and just go buy it....What's that about?


  1. It's really pretty, at least you know someone has used and enjoyed it in the past! xx

  2. I think it's lovely! What a sweet find. I'm often disappointed when I buy in haste, one day I'll learn my lesson...

  3. I really like it too, it is a shame about the chips, but I guess its hard to find vintage in good knick these days. I'm pretty sure my Grandmother had a similar dish!