Monday, 1 November 2010

✴ pumpkin head

This cold has taken over my weekend. Resulting in a bout of sinusitis which has been dreary beyond belief. It feels a lot like having a bowling ball for a head....or more aptly, a heavy pumpkin head. 
I had to cancel a girly day out and resorted instead to a day in bed....made only slightly more bearable by a tankard of tea, a hot water bottle and the Cranford box set.....bliss! I could watch it again and again...actually I have....and will do again no doubt.
Lovely Mr H has entertained the little one all weekend and allowed me to rest and wallow. The cats, as usual did nothing to help....not even a cup of tea....lazy.
I'm not sure whether to feel relieved or saddened that there was only one small timid little trick or treat-esque type knock at the door. 
The little one marveled at the pumpkin heads {or 'potatoes' as she likes to call them} and the simple cut out mice silhouettes from Martha were a triumph of wonderment and awe. 
And we were so glad of the extra hour.
Happy All Hallows.


  1. ohh, hope you are better soon ♥
    gorgeous, gorgeous pics and love the silhouettes.
    happy november Sarah ♥

  2. I feel your for you as I sit here with my very own pumpkin head! Argh, the sinus is dreadful, feel like curling up under a rug & letting everything take care of itself, wish! I hope you feel better very soon..your pictures are just lovely, as always...take care of you x