Friday, 1 October 2010

✴ snow ballet

{Image here}

There is nothing like a bit of ballet to get you feeling festive, no?
Although occasionally the repeated playing in department stores of the Sugar Plum Fairy, from August onwards can leave a bitter not sweet taste in the mouth!
I love these christmas cards from the V&A.
So apt for me with past histories in mind. It used to be that this time of year for me was all about getting ready for the big tour and then the Nutcracker overload at Christmas.

Will get my ballet fix instead at the Diaghilev and the Ballet Russes exhibition at the V & A.'s time to start thinking about Christmas....


  1. Oh on our many visits to London we'd go & see the Royal Ballet, beautiful to watch & my sister was a ballerina so she was in awe of their grace. Love Posie

  2. HI Sarah
    Thanks for dropping by - we are both in a similar mind about C! Love these cards from the V&A, wish I didn't live so far away - the exhibition sounds fab.
    I x