Sunday, 3 October 2010

✴ felt like christmas

So, it's the 12 weeks of Christmas, officially, today. That is, 12 weeks until Christmas, in other words, 12 weeks to get busy....   12 WEEKS!!!! How did that come round so fast...?
So in a bid to get organised and share in a bit of Christmas making & baking cheer, I'm joining in with the Handmade Christmas Challenge
Today has been a thoroughly miserable day, constant drizzle outside and constant grizzle inside. We seem to be on our third toddler sniffle of the last month or so.....So, in between games of peepo and tickle monster, I managed to sneak a peek through a few crafty books for a bit of inspiration. 
I'm loving all things Scandinavian at the moment and Swedish design just seems to work so well for Christmas decorations. Love this little bird garland in Scandinavian Needlecraft {and so many other lovely things in this book} so I started to scribble a similar pattern and delved through bits of felt and such and came across a pile of felt balls I bought last year in Australia. I haven't really had a clue what to do with these and suddenly at that point it seemed logical to thread them onto some embroidery floss and make them into a lovely colourful garland. Which cheered us up no end. I think it looks a bit Swedish, a bit Eames. The little lady loved this garland so much so, she felt compelled to crayon around it and run around the house with it immediately. So, it turned into a big tangled mess.....
After braving the rain to gather some spinach from the garden for lunch I eventually got to string the garland up in the bay window. There it remains....Can I keep it there until it too early for decorations? As the fairy lights from last year are still wrapped around the staircase...I would say No!

If you wanted to make a felt ball garland you could probably find some felt balls here.


  1. 12 weeks! doesn't sound too far away!
    that garland is wonderful. all your pics are wonderful!
    Happy weekend Sarah ♥

  2. I love your felt garland. Just beautiful! Thanks for joining in on the challenge this week. Trace :)

  3. Oh yes, mildly freaking out, bring it on, this handmade small business is ready for another silly season. Fairy lights on the stairs, oh, love that so much!! Love Posie

  4. Thank goodness for that. I frequently squirrel away felty balls from the weekly school market with no apparent notion as to why. Who knew I could be so Christmas organised???