Wednesday, 9 June 2010

✴ swan lake

English National Ballet's production of Swan Lake in-the-round opens at the Royal Albert Hall, this evening.
I was lucky enough to work for this company as senior wardrobe assistant for 8 years! 8 years of stitching tutu's and tights and finding lost earrings in slightly untidy dressing rooms! My last show was Swan Lake in Versailles, how very grand!! I then went on to freelance for them (because you never really leave ENB!) almost up until bump arrived! I had a feeling Ella was going to come out en pointe she'd heard so much ballet music whilst in the womb!
How well do I know those tutu's..? Very! Such memories and such friends. Hearing the music now sends a shiver down my spine...In a good way!

Swan Lake
Royal Albert Hall
9-19th June.


  1. OOh Sarah, sounds like wonderful times! I bet it seems a lifetime ago now. I made a tutu for a knitted bunny once and found it a nightmare, mind I didn't have a scooby what I was doing!
    I've always wanted to see Swan Lake, it looks amazing!

  2. What an exciting past you had, Sarah! I'm sure those teeny pointe shoes would have made for an awkward delivery...

  3. What a fabulous career you have had. Pleased your little one didn't pirouette on delivery, although would have been a fabulous story. As a little girl who loved her point shoes and tutu myself am sure she will be spring-pointing and galloping before too long.

  4. small world! I have depped in the orchestra a few times and my first time in was the Swan a few years ago. I adored this production,so entrancing!