Thursday, 13 February 2014

love letters

Last summer, when we were over in sunny California, although it might sound a bit crazy bonkers, but there were some days we just tired of frolicking on the beach.

Some days {or at least for a bit of the day} we just wanted to stay at home and make stuff. Or colour stuff in. Or cut out stuff and glue stuff. I guess we just kind of missed the British weather, a bit, maybe, kind of…or at the every least we missed having a rainy day indoors kind of day.

So we’d scour our 'home away from home' for anything we could use for our crafty pursuits.

Hidden away at the back of a kitchen drawer was an abundant stash of disposable wooden chopsticks.
Just begging to be dolled up they were. We used them to make flags, and tissue pom pom stick type things and puppets and twirly ribbon twirler whatsits and all kinds of things.
AND we made these message arrows. Which are just a bit super easy and kind of fun to do I think. They just popped into my head thinking about Valentines Day tomorrow so thought I’d share.

T O    M A K E
Using the chopsticks as a base {but straws or wooden skewers would work just as well}, and papery bits for decoration {wrapping paper, magazines, envelope liners, wall paper, photocopies etc}. We cut two triangles for the tip and two feathery type shapes for the tail, which we stuck with glue to either side of the stick.

Decorated with all sorts of things, ribbons and tape cut from nice shopping bags  {the sort you get nice shoes and clothes in, not so much a Tesco’s plastic bag}, washi tape, sequins, buttons, feathers…..etc, etc…. the more preloved the better.

Use special words and letters cut out of magazines and catalogues, yes, a bit like a kidnappers ransom note, but it’s all true love baby!

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