Saturday, 15 February 2014

love in a lunchbox

I had the idea yesterday to fill up the little ladies lunchbox with a veritable feast of valentine inspired treats. 

Of course it was about 2am ish the night before that I had this idea and so had to make do with whatever I could find in the cupboards. I cut her sandwiches into hearts. Lucked out with a packet of mini Jammy Dodgers and found some decidedly heart shaped strawberries. 

As I was excitedly scribbling a little valentines card for her I pondered at what age things like this go from adorably sweet to mildly embarrassing. 

When will me doing things like this become an eyerolling irritation for her and invoke the teasing of her peers? 

After much thought I decided probably not until she is about 23.

Have a loved up weekend x


  1. Aww, this is so sweet... yes, definitely keep doing it until she's 23! x

  2. Hope she liked her heart sandwiches, you've definitely got a few more years before she dreads opening her lunch box in front of her friends