Wednesday, 12 February 2014

sunday scraps

Not to be confused with the usual sibling scrapping that can occur from a sunday with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Ooohhh, let’s just ponder a while on that last bit…..nothing to do and nowhere to go………… Ahhhhhhh…….Nice.
The sunday just gone was that exact sort of day. Bliss. It’s been a while since we’ve had such a day. 
A typical day of iffy weather. Which meant an expedition of sorts was completely out of the question but for a quick jaunt in the garden for a go on the swings, a bit of mud pie making and the planting of the first tree in our new improved garden - but that’s a whole other blog post.

So, it occurred to me a while ago that the paper recycling was becoming a mountain of epic proportion every week. And a lot of what was being recycled was actually quite nice papery bits. That could be used for cards and gift tags and garlands and well, all sorts of things really.

I seem to get a lot of catalogues through the post. Actually, loads. Some are very uninteresting but some of them, well they are like little magazines in themselves. With stunning images and layouts. It seemed a shame not to reuse some of the pages, as too when throwing out those free calendars you get with magazines { such as Mollie Makes etc }. I don’t buy so many magazines of the papery kind anymore. I’ve become hooked on the digital versions* of all my favourites that I can peruse with ease on my iPad. I think this is why I’ve noticed the beauty in all these free catalogues.

So anyway, on sunday. Our lazy, blissful sunday. While the nippers enjoyed a bit of communal colouring in, I enjoyed a bit of sunday scrapping, armed with a couple of paper punches { mainly scalloped circles }, a stash of willing papery bits and a cup of tea. 
I’ve been doing this for the past year or so now so what began as an envelope full of paper cutouts has now grown into a box.  I could probably stop now as I have plenty but I must admit to finding it just a wee bit addictive. 

I admit it. I am a Mag Hag.


  1. They look great! I still have the little tag you sent with the giveaway package ages ago... It is very pretty. I rather want one of those scalloped circles punches... It might help with the box of little paper pieces that I've been hording. ;)
    Sheree xo

  2. Sounds a lovely way to spend a Sunday! In some ways I've enjoyed the winter weather recently because we've had some really relaxing weekends at home!