Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Since I was last here, which was yonks ago, me and the kidlets have enjoyed two holidays over in Santa Monica in sunny California, the only perk of having a husband working out in LA!

We first came out at Easter then again in summer. How lucky are we? Although the hubby has been working through the week {booooo!} but at least we've been able to enjoy time together at the weekends.

The odd sunday, we've taken a drive half hour up the coast to the beaches of Malibu. We've been here many times before, mr H and I, way before married life and parenthood so it's been nice to bring the children, and obviously such a different experience. 

I don't know why but almost every time we've been to this part of the coast it's always a bit grey and misty. I do love beaches when they are grey and misty. 
I much prefer a windswept stroll along a rugged coastline through salty sea mists than lying on a towel under the burning sun.

We've beach combed for shells, pebbles and seaweedy bits for castle adornment and even spotted the odd whale or pod of passing of dolphins - always a treat! 
We've balanced on rocks and looked at wildlife in the tidepools at Leo Carrillo State Park and watched the sun set while supping mojitos {for mama and papa} and enjoyed the catch of the day at the aptly named and my absolutely favorite place to hang out,  Paradise Cove.

I think out of everything these coastal trips are going to be what the little lady will miss the most when we {very shortly} head back to Blighty ... well, actually, maybe second to Disneyland...!


  1. It's so easy to let the cyber part of life slip when there is much going on, isn't it? I'm sure I'm the same. You have some amazing photos, and even better, a whole heap of memories to revisit and enjoy later. Does hubby get home to the UK very often? I'll pop in again soon!
    Sheree x0x

    1. Thanks Sheree. He gets home fairly often so shouldn’t complain too much! x

  2. Love the new look blog, it's fantastic, hope to hear more from you soon x

    1. Thanks Becca. It’s still a work in progress really! And as you can see I’m still useless at blogging consistency!! x