Tuesday, 26 March 2013

egg cups

A few weeks ago we went to Ardingly. It's an enormous antique fair thats held a few times a year. It was pretty awesome although sometimes when faced with big enormous 'treasure markets' like that {the little ladies words} I get a bit overwhelmed and ummm and ahhh over too many things so that I can't really make a decision about anything and end up panic buying right at the bitter end, convinced that I've missed a stall with an abundance of 'me' things.

Anyway. My mum collects egg cups, has done for years and now has quite the eclectic collection. I think it's quite a clever thing to collect really, as they don't take up too much room and can be found relatively cheaply. 

So I spotted these egg cups pretty soon into the Ardingly visit and instantly fell in love.

They are 1930's, made by Burleigh and are in perfecto condition. I gave them to mum for Mothers day.
Their minty springyness just makes my heart sing. I love the hand painted tree design and what looks like, can it be - feels like an age since I last saw growing - oh my goodness....are those ...... Daffodils??!

So, enough already with this freezing, snow flurried spring! Myself and the wee ones are off to go see if we can find the sun to warm our goose bumped flesh and put a rosy pink glow on our pale wintry faces.

Happy Easter xxx

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