Wednesday, 13 November 2013

the duck and the squirrel

Me and the little man finally made it out today for a stroll to the shops. The first day in a while where the autumn weather hasn't consisted of torrential rains and blustery winds. 

Infact it was glorious golden sunshine with a frosty nip in the air so we wrapped warm and headed out on our errands.

When I say shops, I mainly mean the charity shop because it has been yonks since I’ve had a nosy in the window and to be honest I was getting a bit fidgety with lack of charity shop treasures to ooh and ahh at.

But look at these beauties we picked up today. I’m not sure if it was the christmas advert from John Lewis, or the ‘woodland’ theme the little mans bedroom has adopted, but these two little treasures just seemed to call out to me from their rather mundane shelf in the way that many inanimate ornamental types often do to me while shopping…. 

“Take us home and admire our rustic woodland charm”

And so I did and I have!


  1. They're both lovely! I have a rabbit in a similar style to the squirrel :)

  2. Hi! Thanks. I think my squirrel has aspirations of the rabbity kind, just look at those long ears??!