Wednesday, 6 March 2013

lemony snippets

Just before Christmas, Mr H gave me a lemon tree for our 5 year wedding anniversary.
Just after Christmas I thought I might have killed said lemon tree
I moved it around the house trying to find the perfect little corner for it to flourish in blissful lemony harmony.
It ended up in a prime spot by the back doors, a veritable sun trap.

But then I got a bid giddy with a surprising bit of sunshine in January, and thinking we were headed for spring {delusional} I moved the tree outside onto the deck.

When the temperatures dropped and the so very wintry snow flurries began, I quickly carried it back indoors. To the cosy warmth.

However, the very next day ALL the leaves fell off, tumbling to the floor like a bit of a dead thing.

So anyway, after much panicking, a bit of better late than never watering and a few gentle whisperings of encouragement to the last remaining and clinging on for dear life leaves and buds, I can confirm that our little lemon tree is back from the brink with a bountiful bursting of new greener than green leaves and a veritable bouquet of new blossoms.

We've quite enjoyed following the progress each morning, me and the little lady. Counting the flowers and newly uncurled baby leaves. Our little lemon tree is positively flourishing
Ok, not that flourishing! 
We are certainly not at the point of enjoying our own lemons, as it were.

But feeling in a bit of a springy lemony sort of mood and with a friend round for dinner on saturday night. I whipped up some lemon posset and served in some cute flower tea cups bought years ago from Laura Ashley.

This is sooooooo lemony and creamy { and I halved the recipe as it was just the two of us } that I'd be inclined to reduce the lemon juice quantity next time. And just a few spoonfuls of this dessert is more than enough. 

I dusted with icing sugar and served with raspberries and wafer curl biscuits.


  1. Ooh well done. It's a running joke in my house that I kill every house plant instantly. I look forward to hearing about you first G&T with our home grown lemon

    1. I do too, usually!!! But if a plant gives something back to me {like fruit} then I'm usually a bit more caring! x

  2. Oh that does look delicious! Glad that your little lemon tree is surviving quite nicely. :)