Tuesday, 5 March 2013

desperately seeking spring

It's been so dark and gloomy here of late* that I can't help but seek out spring hues and surround myself with cheery colour. The blossom is slowly unfurling on the plum tree outside the kitchen window and yet the air outside is freezing and it makes me gasp in horror as though it is such a surprise that it is still so cold.
Even Miss Tabitha was unwilling to get her paws wet!
A few weekends ago, I picked up this stash of haberdashery delights at the Hammersmith vintage fair. A selection of 1930's buttons in subtle springy shades, a vintage buckle, some coral thread, a pair of 1950's teal flower earrings, a box of celadon green glass beads, some crocheted lace motifs. I also bought a pretty pastel patterned silk scarf and a couple of metres of vintage Liberty fabric { watch this space }.
It was quite a haul. It's my second visit to this fair and it is utterly ace. I'm quite addicted to buying vintage haberdashery bits, trimmings and fabric. I get quite carried away discovering old treasures to make new things with.
I am pretty much a seasonal shopper. I can't help but be influenced with the time of year when looking for thrifty treasures even if the weather has other plans.
So despite the lingering cold, frosty mornings, predictable rain and occasional and surprising flurries of snow, I'm utterly smitten, at the moment, with pastels and summer shades of jade, lime, teal, lemon and coral. 
So very optimistic of lighter brighter days to come.
It's no surprise that out of all the unfinished projects, the one thing I was keen to do of an evening was stitch together these candy coloured grannies. So bright and beautiful they are.
They started life as a blanket for the new baby. But new baby is now on the brink of toddlerdom and he has a distinct dislike of anything blankety which may hinder his 'destructive crawl'.
And anyway on the most recent count I worked out I had only enough squares to make a cushion cover. So that is what I thought I'd do.
Although I quite like them now as a seat pad for this newly painted { f&b 'green blue' } ikea stool! So now to decide....hhhmmmm...!!!
* I wrote this a few days ago. Then lo and behold, today has been utter springy perfection in a sunshiny  bright and breezy sort of way. Hooray!


  1. Gorgeous colours and great treasures! We're heading into autumn but summer is certainly hanging about here, not that I'm complaining, it's been glorious x

    1. The problem with British weather is that the week can start with glorious springy sunshine and end with dark, grey, rain soaked gloominess......which is what has happened!! x

  2. Yes I really do think it might be here. It's 19 degrees in my conservatory at the moment. I think I'm going to have a nasty shock when I go into the rest of the house

    1. I think we may have spoken to soon!! x