Thursday, 7 March 2013


Positively ages ago, I cut out the pattern pieces for the Miss Adorable Frock {from Sew La Tea Do by Pip Lincolne}.

Anyway, as usual stuff happened, like new babies and new houses type of thing and so the pattern pieces remained just pieces.

I found them just recently and decided I'd better make them up into the pretty cute dress they were meant to be. 

The little miss is now four and the dress size was up to 3. I figured it may well still fit but erring on the side of caution before precious time spent at the sewing machine, I made a decision to keep the back open with just a single button fastening at the top. A bit like a smock. A bit like an art smock, even.

I also divided the single large pocket into two smaller pockets and trimmed with ric rac. 

I was quite pleased with how it turned out in the end.

The little fella is now just old and steady enough to sit himself at the art table with his big sister and have a go at colouring.
He loves it.
It's just adorable to watch them both sat there first thing in the morning creating their little masterpieces.

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  1. That really is adorable! And look at your baby getting big enough to do such things..x

  2. Thanks Mel. Unfortunately he fell of the chair shortly after taking that photo!! Ooops! x