Saturday, 23 March 2013

pretty pastel style

Yesterday was miserably grey, damp and gloomy but for a little haven of pastel perfection in the midst of market day in Kingston-Upon-Thames.
It was the book launch/craft fair of Pretty Pastel Style by Selina Lake and I was uber excited about this when I realised it was hosted in my local town.

Lucky for me, Granny of the Icy North came to look after the children. It was so very nice having a couple of hours as me without the arm pulling and ankle grabbing of a four year old and a one year old.
Although that said, I seemed to over compensate for their absence by managing to knock over and disturb the delicate display of almost everything I went to have a looksee at! Which made my vintage shopping/ knitty cohort, Ms F, chuckle greatly.
But we bought lots. We oohed and we ahhed at all the lovely handmade stalls, we ate cupcakes and drank proper teapot tea from proper vintage cups and saucers on floral fabric covered tables with pretty posies in glass jars and swathes of bunting galore. 
Some of my favourites, and places I loitered, knocked things over, then bought stuff, loitered some more then bought even more stuff, were Anna Wiscombe, Mabel & Bird, Love Lane Vintage and Abigail Warner.

Most importantly I bought Selina's new book which she signed while we had a wee chat. She is very lovely. Her book is very beautiful. It sure is a pretty distraction from this horrible weather. Snow? Is it really Easter next week? Bbbrrr....

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  1. Bilss! Oh to have a day to yourself. :)
    Looks like you have some lovely finds to add to your home.
    Enjoy delving into the pages of your new book!
    Sheree x0x