Thursday, 15 November 2012

knittery bits I will one day finish # 1

pinky pinkiest pair of pink leg warmers that ever there was....
Last year, during a brief infatuation with ballet I started to knit the little lady a pinky pink pair of leg warmers. They didn’t take too long to knit and gave a warm contented sort of bliss in the making of.
Shortly after the harmonious clackety clack of the needles had started to dwindle so too did miss Ellas ardour for the love of dance and quite unexpectedly one day the mere mention of pointing ones toes in the good/naughty way invoked a tantrum of epic proportion and a steadfast refusal to comply.
Reluctantly, I hastily put away all things ballet including the so very nearly almost finished pair of pinky pink leg warmers.

The other day, during a tidy-sort of my new workroom {star jump  star jump!} I found the forgotten leg warmers hidden at the bottom of the bulging “knittery bits I will one day finish” bag. And so, quite unprecedented, and even shocking my self let alone those around me....I finished them! Yes, done and dusted. Tick. Voila. Hooray!
Do you have knittery bits you need to finish? I’m looking forward to a stitchy gathering with friends this weekend and I’m hoping to sup tea, eat cake and stitch together an enormous pile of grannies from long ago! 


  1. Oh loads of unfinished things! Serves me right for starting new stuff before other stuff done. I've only made a character skirt for my ballet girls but it did sell well on Ebay when it was grown out-of. I'm new to your blog but your writing makes me laugh xx

  2. They are just so lovely! I hate to say I've an ever growing pile of unfinished bits that I don't see myself finishing anytime soon. Enjoy stitching your grannies..x

  3. gorgeous leg warmers

    yes I have a tumbling pile of unfinished items, but an even bigger pile of unstarted ideas....I am a craft shop's dream ;o)