Saturday, 22 September 2012


I was almost on the point of turfing out the broken and deformed bits of crayon at the bottom of the little lady’s pencil tin. 

I say tin, but ’skip’ would be a far better description judging by the amount of pens and pencils with Disney Princess labels I find scattered around the house. Those little nubby ends of crayon that fill up the pencil tin or, more likely, get wedged into the base of a lego block...well, they annoy me.

Anyway, I remembered seeing on another blog {forget where} an idea for melting down a collection of broken crayons in a cupcake case and making them into new, multi coloured novelty crayons...clever.
I used  some star shaped silicone moulds and melted them in a low oven {about 140 ºC}for about 10 minutes until all melted. 

I’m wondering if this technique would work for scraggy soap ends?? Because they annoy me too. Hhhmmmm...


  1. They look fantastic, how much fun!! Soap ends would be great, good thinking. I hate seeing them strew about the bathroom..x

  2. What an awesome idea! Love the star shapes.

  3. These are very cute. I've also seen art with crayons where I think you somehow attach them to canvas and heat until they drip down it - probably also on Pinterest somewhere...

  4. Ingenious and simple! Great idea and eco-friendly recycling too. My kids have so many crayons that are nearing their end so this is a great way to give them a new lease of life. I wonder if this is a good thing for recycling old candles too?