Thursday, 26 May 2011

✴ the unintentional vase, part two

I really can't resist looking out for unusual, or unexpected, vessels for pretty florals.
There is something so charming and quirky about filling an old tin can or bottle with a bunch of delicate blooms. 
And such nifty, thrifty chic to boot. 
I found this decanter {cut glass, or dare I wonder, lead crystal, perhaps??} in the local charity shop the other day. 
I only nipped out for cat food. 
It was missing it's stopper which I think contributed towards its very respectable price tag of £1.
I gave it a good clean in hot soapy water and tied a scrap of pointe shoe ribbon around the neck, filling it with the prettiest rose tinted lisianthus.
Keep a look out in charity and junk shops for anything imperfect. That is, missing a lid or a stopper, or a handle or perhaps even has small chips and cracks. They make the loveliest and thriftiest of vases.
In case you are wondering, part one was these pretty milk/cream jugs which I filled with bluebells. Although these are perfectly perfect and are also used for their original purpose, they sometimes like to moonlight as flower vessels! 
Who can blame them?!

Taking part in Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays


  1. It looks lovely Sarah! Thrifty, good for the environment, and just plain makes you want to smile when you see it! :)

  2. Sarah that looks wonderful! The lisianthus are so pretty too. I have a rather large collection of glass jugs that often get used as vases. I would never have thought of using a decanter...hmmmm will be checking my local op shops now lol. :)

  3. oh they look lovely. I passed a florist shop recently, they had milk bottles, suspended from the ceiling of their display window on random lengths of string, each with One Tulip in them.... pity I didn't have a camera with me.

  4. Now this is just my very pretty!!!


  5. The roses look so pretty displayed in your decanter. Good tip - I will look out for decanters etc next time I go to the charity shop!

  6. So beautiful. I love using odd little glasses I found as vases.
    You are the best at finding beautiful bargains, and those flowers look wonderful. xx

  7. i deeply love both your vase musings.

  8. I love cut glass..I love that it's cheap as chips and yet so pretty..and so vintagey looking..straight out of the fifties! Your flowers look amazing in it.

  9. This is just so pretty, I adore the jug in part 1 too. Hope alls well with you..xx

  10. Oh that's so pretty... the green goes so well with the pink. Love a £1 find too :)