Thursday, 28 April 2011

✴ royaltea

The past couple of days, me and the little lady of the house have been 'at home' to friends calling round for afternoon tea. It has been most delightful. We have supped tea and fine bubbly {for those of age} and dined on delicious savories and home baked nutmeg scones with strawberry jam and fresh cream. Yum.

We have been a bit impressed with our oh so last minute afternoon tea styling with antique embroidered tablecloths and thrifted vintage jugs holding bluebells and wild {or weed?} flowers picked late one night from the 'jungle' before the gardeners mowed them all away the next day. 
We found old rocks, shells and pieces of coral gathered long, long ago from beachcombing trips and now scattered around the garden and thought they'd make pretty good tablecloth weights against the blustery winds that swept though our gloriously sunny days. 
I had forgotten about the heart shaped lump of coral and thought it quite apt and just a bit pretty. 

We watched children play and tickled new babies toes, we chatted about new loves and remembered past high jinks and nights of hilarity, we discussed wedding plans and preceding hen do's and special birthdays soon to be celebrated. 
And with bellies full, glasses drained, teacups gathered and sleepy children heading to 'bedfordshire' we decided that love was most definitely in the air and exciting times are ahead.
I'm wondering if Kate has been scoffing cream tea and laughing with her gal pals and I'm doubting she has a dishwasher to empty and reload...


  1. Afternnon tea... definitely a tradition that should be kept up. have a lovely day tomorrow. xx

  2. Oh you lot do it in such great style! I shall be avidly tuning in tonight. Might just bake a celebratory nutmeg scone to go with the bubbles...

  3. What a celebration time! :) And your hyacinths (or scillia or were they blue bells?) look lovely in that jug. Ahhh. I will not be home tonight - but the hubby has everything set to record the festivities as they unfold :)

  4. That sounds like a lovely way to spend time ... your styling and your photographs are beautiful. That coral heart is lovely.