Thursday, 19 May 2011

✴ to sleep, perchance...??

It would seem my little princess has a pea the size of a 'waterlemon' {her word} under her mattress judging by the amount, or lack of, sleep we have been having this week. 
We have been awake all night. No, really, ALL night! I managed to sleep for one hour before the princess awakened from her sleep of disrupted enchantment and decided enough was enough, why bother waiting for morning...
I know I should be napping now, while she {finally} is. But the problem is I just can't;
{1} a couple of hours just won't cut it and I'll feel even worse, I know it, 
{2} the chance of some quality time on the stitch with glorious peace and daylight far outweighs the bliss of sleep. Really. I know. I'm bonkers.
I made this 'Princess and the Pea' for her the Christmas before last, her first ever one. I'll admit, it was initially met with an expression of what am I supposed to do with this...?
However over time she learned the simple pleasures of flinging the mattresses to the far corners of the living room, or even at a passing cat. And now, we are almost a very grown up two and a half, we have fun with tucking the princess up into bed and kissing her 'night, night'.
It's not even finished {gasp, shock} I had wanted to embroider 'the princess' on the blanket and I was never that happy with how my princess turned out! We have seemingly lost the pillow and a couple of the mattresses {probably under the sofa or hidden by the cats}.
Despite this and although it took a little while, she loves playing with it now. I think children adore to sort and stack and this seems to fit the bill perfectly. There is nothing worse than spending time and love with every stitch of a handmade toy for it to be pushed to the side in favour of some cheap plastic tat!
{'princess and the pea' pattern from More Softies }


  1. Oh Sarah! I do hope you are able to get a LOT more sleep tonight. In the meantime, enjoy your stitching in peace and quiet! :) I love the princesses little mattresses - they are very cute.

  2. Poor you....a big *sigh* for the memories you are making. You are a wonderful mummy!

  3. you are clever, my dear.
    i once saw a (lifesize) princess-pea in a h.nick's window over x-mas, years and years ago. i found it truely enchanting, but seeing your effort here, i am equally amazed.
    hope you got round to sleeping it off.