Tuesday, 17 May 2011

✴ the torment of inconsistent raisin distribution...and winners

I don't know what it is with baking with my little one that turns me into a highly strung, perfectionist mumma. 
Fanny Craddock crossed with Hyacinth Bucket, but there it is....
"Noooo.....Let mummy pick that up....now, careful, ooopsss...we'll do that bit again.....I'll finish that bit off........shall I do it??........"
I'll happily sit back and let her paint splodges with carefree abandon.....squidge play dough into mounds of nobbly wonder and dig up parts of the garden with a stick {ok that last one, not that happily...}, but I come over all wobbly when I see a gingerbread leg ripped mercilessly from one and pressed onto the tummy or head of another. And don't get me started on raisin distribution....
I need to get over myself....obviously, the one legged, 3 {raisin} eyed man is going to taste just the same as the others...! Maybe even better!
And so, as we happily scoff our gingerbread walking wounded for afternoon tea, we had a moment to scrunch up some names on paper {including those names wiped from the comments by the mischief making of blogger!!!}, tip them in a small mixing bowl and pulled out three at random.
The winners of Ediths Brooch giveaway are...

Well done ladies, I will be in touch.
Apologies to everyone else and thank you all for entering and for indulging my ramblings with your sweet comments aplenty. 
Check back here as I hope to offer up a bit of a freebie for all in the next week or so.


  1. Cute post! I don't mind my kids' baking attempts as long as they have their dough and I have mine and the difference is clearly delineated ;-)

    Well done to your winners *sob*

    (ps. come and enter my giveaway)

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  3. opps.. had to correct my spelling! need a cup of tea before I blog I think.

    oh my first blog WIN! thank you so much Sarah, and I'm honoured to be the one-legged, multi-eyed GingerbreadPerson♥, poor Tracey, she's only one-eyed but at least seems to have a gingerbread 'heart'. I think your little princess has done very well.