Wednesday, 6 April 2011

✴ all around me...

China cups of tea on a ribbon strewn desk...
Liberty, lavender, love and luck...
Vintage milk glass earrings...{tick}
Hearts and kisses and little girl summer skirts...."Oo... like dat, mummy..."

Can't help but feel all pinky and peachy on this tropical and sun sparkled day. And all about my space are hints of Summer. I've also become smitten with the world of the podcast. To add to my old lady style I'm rather loving, Desert Island Discs, Gardeners' Question Time and, wait for it {and no, smug, "told you so" laughing, mum and dad...} The Archers!!!! Although I have no idea what on earth is going on I just snuggle in to the west country accents and 'trouble at mill' storylines. 
And really, did David push Nigel off the roof..? Hhhmmmm........

My Creative Space at Kootoyoo.


  1. Ha! I've been doing the podcast thing this week too, but more crafty things... and the occasional ABC iview documentary. I can see what all the oldies are on about!

  2. Dah dah dum dah dah dah dum...crunching gravel noise...ah, The Archers, always on in a steamy kitchen, my mum flustered and looking in the oven...

    Am jealous as always of your photography skills x

  3. "...ooh I like dat Mummy!" = adorable.

  4. ditto to what Vic said!
    i love what's going on all around you Sarah ♥

  5. The Archers ... wow that takes me back to another life time!!!! Glad to hear the suns out in the UK :) Small world my mum goes down to Surry every weekend so fingers x-ed it stays sunny as she needs to do a ton of gardening.

    Lovely photos! Looks like you have been very busy :)

  6. What lovely photos and it really sounds like you are enjoying yourself !

  7. gorgeous photos! what part of surrey are you in? I was born there but live in oz now!

  8. oh looks inviting! thanks for your kind comment :-)

  9. A lovely creative space. I'm so jealous you get to visit Windsor, such a beautiful place I would love to go back there and see it in the summer again. But here I am in autumnal old Melbourne. :)


    I may not have lived in the UK for a good seven years but I do still regularly partake of an online Omnibus. Although not for three weeks or so. Has David been experiencing psychotic episodes and is that why he was being so heroically helpful post-Nigel-death?

    (I don't believe you for a nanosecond).

  11. I have no idea what podcasts are but am loving your creative space. Those milk glass earrings...adorable!!