Friday, 8 April 2011

✴ hanging around, shooting the breeze...

The temperatures are soaring here. We've been getting rather hot under the collar, me and the little lady. So much so that it is actually quite nice to rest a while indoors and enjoy some shade, some quiet and have a bit of a cool down.

And so, I've been covering wire hangers with selvedge trim. As a 20 minute wind down {or wind around?} and the calming qualities of hanger covering are really quite surprising....honestly! 
Give it a go...turn something destined for the dump into something Mr Morris would be proud of {practical and beautiful?}...

I used selvedge because I have piles of it and really, what else can you do with it? I also love the dual recycling purposes of the ugly wire hanger and the scruffy unloved selvedge, a perfect partnership, methinks!
But you could easily use ribbon or cotton tape. Just wrap it around the hanger, no need even to sew, I just wrapped a small piece of double sided sticky at the beginning and end of each piece. Job done.

Kirsty has got everyone hanger crazy!


  1. I like, very much! Please excuse me while I go and transform some hangers.....

  2. Seems you have the masterful hand of recycling...I like it.