Wednesday, 16 March 2011

✴ a place for everything...

...and everything in it's place.
On saturday I had a much longed for day on my own. I had looked forward to it all week and had many plans and grand ideas of lovely things I would spend the day making, away from yoghurty toddler fingers.
Of course, it didn't quite work out as planned. Once laundry had been sorted, the dishwasher emptied, the table tidied, a quick {ok, not so quick} peruse round t'internet, materials and trimmings fussed over... and so on and so was lunch time already!! 
I had that much whirring away in my little head I didn't know where to begin. Don't you hate it when that happens?
I did bits of things. A bit more of the tatty linen brooches. A bit of silky yoyo stitching. A bit of flower stitching. A bit of this and a bit of that. But nothing finished. No ticks on the To Do list.
When the mr and the little one returned home I was feeling a wee bit sorry for myself. In that a whole day had passed and I had achieved very little. And that was that day, gone.
I had a little rant. Yes, I did.'s not fair I don't have any space to call my own....why can't I use your office too, it's not fair.....Waaaaa, woe is, me, me, me, me.....Waaaa........ etc etc.....
To which mr h replied a calm, Yes, of course. We'll buy you a new desk, we'll get rid of some bits of furniture, I'll clear a space......No problem. 
Gosh don't you just hate it when men respond to your wailing in a positive and productive manner?! 
So  I have a new desk {ok still in it's box but we're getting there..} and a new space to create a mess and not have to eat dinner around...Don't get me wrong, it'll be tight in there, but it'll do until the house is done.
I picked up these little baskets and old utensils tray which has been 'shabby chic-ed' in a rustic painted sort of way, from my local antique market on a quick shop late on sunday. They are just so perfectly pretty for storing all my unfinished bits and pieces and I've spent a few stolen moments today sorting and tidying all my creative mess. I'm going to make little basket inserts out of the spotty fabric which was  a bargain buy from the local charity shop just before christmas. But I think I'll save that for another day!

Apologies for the ridiculous length of this post but I'm a bit poorly with a horrible chest infection and can't be bothered to cut and paste images together in a montage way so just put them all in as are - sorry!
My space has taken on quite vintage vibe of late and so I'm linking this post to both Flea Market Finds and My Creative Space. This week is all about multi-tasking!
I'm off for an early bed, night night {cough...splutter...}x


  1. I'm so glad its not just me that has days like that. Not that i have children, but I have so many started, but not finished items at the moment! I love that wooden container you hold your buttons in and those green feathers are awesome! Good luck getting your desk sorted!

  2. I hope you wake feeling much better. I LOVE those embroidered buttons, divine (and the lovcely tray of course, nice find! It's tricky not having your own space, what a good man you have there, how is it that they always can remain so calm, objective & reasonable....xx

  3. I loved your post today. Yay for the Mr's response! :)
    Those pale creamy flowers are breathtaking! How did you make them?
    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. You seem to be doing pretty well for a not well woman!!!! Hope you feel better soon. Isn't it great just to have a wee space away from prying fingers? xx

  5. Well all those litle bits of effort pay off in the end, even if you think you didn't achieve much. It's not always the destination but the journey that counts.. :-)

  6. I hope that the tidying and space making has distracted you from your illness; your lovely pictures have distracted me from mine! The embroidered buttons are a beautiful solution to the unfinished stitching and I love the silk yo-yos. Do you use a template tool like the one made by Clover? Also, have you tried making them with silk chiffon? I am keen to try but I am a little nervous to ruin bits of fabric that I love.

  7. Love your photos!
    The embroiyed brooches are so cute!

  8. How fantastic to have a lovely desk and such a wonderful man! (sometimes they can surprise us) :D

    Your photos are beautiful Sarah ... and I completely get your frustration at not achieving everything you wanted to over the weekend. I hope the next one finds you with some more time (and that you're feeling better).

  9. Thanks for the comments,
    Seaweed and raine: The pale creamy flowers are really easy to make, I'll do a post 'how to' soon,
    Jenifir: I don't use any yo-yo making tools, I just cut differently sized circles and gather up with running stitch. I like to use more weightier fabrics, like silks and cottons. I worry with chiffon that it will look too much like a scrunched up tissue, if that make sense??