Saturday, 9 October 2010

✴ spicy

Today the house is filled with the warm spicey smell of Christmas. 
With a poorly poppet sleeping away a fever and a complete lack of 'second summer' as promised by the weather experts {Hhhmm...}. Today has become a quiet day indoors. A day of sorting, tidying, maybe a bit of sewing, definitely some knitting and a lot of creativity in disguising the thrice daily dosage of yukky yellow medicine. 
Maybe the spicy smells of Christmas can override the authentic taste of yellow.
Soaking the dried fruits for the Christmas cake with a generous drizzle of brandy and sherry.
Gorgeous winter spices just warm the cockles of your heart, do they not?
Cinnamon, Cloves, Star Anise, Juniper Berries, Nutmeg....Mmmmm.
These lovelies remind me of mulled wine and spicy pomanders which can make nice gifts.
I'm also thinking of cosy warm knitted gifts and getting inspiration and free patterns here.
More Christmas warmth here.


  1. Oh the smell of christmas. I have most of my ingredients for the christmas cakes. Have to make 3 early November. Two plumb puddings are hanging in the spare wardrobe. Charmaine

  2. Mmmm, that does sound lovely. I would love to bake my own Christmas cake but our climate just doesn't lend itself to baking before Christmas. Champagne and prawns ends up being far more do-able :)

  3. The smell of the spices when making a Christmas cake is just delightful. I think I will make mine next month along with the pud. I might even have a go at making my own mincemeat for fruit mince pies this year.

    I hope one day I can experience a northern Christmas.

  4. Those spices and currants look so yummy. What a nice way to enjoy a weekend. My grandma had the best Christmas cake recipe - I just need to lay my hands on it!