Thursday, 7 October 2010

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There was a little girl
Who had a little curl
Right in the middle of her forehead.
And when she was good
She was very, very good
But when she was bad
She was horrid.
There are few things that can ease the misery of a terrible toddler tantrum filled day. For me it's curled up watching a funny film {meet the parents} and a little bit of calming cross-stitch and a LARGE GLASS OF WINE!
{film and cross-stitch negotiable but wine essential}

My Creative Space


  1. Ha! I am so with you on that one! Though I don't have a toddler, I do have a pair of very ratty older children who are wearing me down at present, waiting for wine and craft time later tonight!

  2. Oh yeah, I know those girls and those tantrums and those days...
    I hope tomorrow she only shows you the very, very good bit.

  3. Sounds good to me!
    I love the colours you're using.

  4. So true. Popping over from Kootoyou. Charmaine

  5. Nice to see you back! I missed your return! Yes wine does work wonders for the exhausted mummy doesn't it!

  6. What is it with toddlers?!? Mine has been pushing the envelope most of the week (and most of last week too...). One of the things that has seemed to make a difference in the past 2 days is focusing on the things that he does that are right more, and telling him. So far, so good. Praying that it continues!

  7. Hope your little one is feeling better soon! Loving the macro :) Kx

  8. Hey babe, we've all been there, is she frustrated - too young to get the words out for what she means, needs, wants?? My eldest was very wise & trapped in a toddler body, now she's divine, it is high school. Hang in there, love Posie

  9. Do what you must to get through that stage I say!
    Those stitches are so so neat.

  10. Wow - your stitches are so sweet and neat ... especially considering that you were drinking a LARGE glass of wine.