Tuesday, 12 October 2010

✴ i love the postman....

....for many reasons. Most importantly because this particular postie acknowledges our ridiculously petit 1930's letterbox as useless and so, unlike the others who try to squeegee a large catalogue through the narrow silver flap, he politely knocks on the door and with a very pleasant 'Good Morning' he hands over our post. How lovely.
I especially love him this morning because he came bearing pretty gifts such as this pile of Liberty fabrics - yum......such Liberty Love possibilities.....
...and this gorgeous Big Love print and two Christmas cards from Lisa Stubbs of 'Lil Sonny Sky.
You should go take a peek at her Etsy shop.
Go on....Christmas is coming.....


  1. Mmm I love all of your delicious bounty from the postie.
    It's lovely having a postman who doesn't try and break your postbox isn't it? Our postie is lovely too.

  2. Ah thanks mr postman! glad the prints arrived safely! love your liberty fabric and your blog! thanks so much for your order :)

  3. i love the postman too, especially when he brings me lovely gifts from some far away land.
    thank you sweetness, i really do appreciate your wonderful generosity & the fact that you are sooo busy yet found time to create a special stash of goodies just for me.
    mwaaaah ♥ you are quite amazing