Wednesday, 13 October 2010

✴ seed heads

Autumnal walks on bright crisp days collecting seed heads. Always amazed at the beauty in the dead and dying flora at this time of year. 
I think these spidery seed heads just look so beautiful in their dark skeletal form simply placed in a pressed glass vase on an off white vintage doily and rare October sunlight casting delicate shadows. So pretty, so simple.
I'm so in awe of the beautiful prints by Angie Lewin, of seed heads, feathers, grasses and other natural forms. Love the fabric from St Jude's. I'm dreaming of cushion covers and framed prints in a bright new kitchen destined for next year....
 Always inspired at this time of year for it's design inspirations, colours, textures and influences.


  1. Oh, these photos are just divine... love them :) Kx

  2. They really are gorgeous pictures. How pretty those seed heads are, I do love the colours of autumn...

  3. Love those shots. Great detail and warmth with the doilies.