Wednesday, 26 May 2010

✴ sleepy dreaming...

I want to sleep, a deep satisfying 'during the day' kind of sleep. I want to sink back under the duvet and forget about crayon monitoring, tumble gym and picking crushed raisins from the carpet.
I don't want to get back into my bed....I want to sleepy dream away on a freshly laundered bed of crispy clean and adorably patterned bedding, such as the new organic range from Amy Butler
Oh yes, can always rely on Amy to lift ones spirits out of the gloomy blues and into majestic majenta, tangerine, lemon and emerald green.... and how lovely an idea is that yoyo cushion cover....yum!
I also want to lie in bed and sip an undisturbed cup of hot tea, peruse pristine magazines with pages intact and I want to watch something on telly which doesn't involve a super agent bear or talking trains....
Is that too much to ask...??
Love from Grumpy Mama. x
{ All images from Amy Butler }


  1. Move over and make room for me...please. X

  2. Ooh...I'm with you! (Especially on the raisin-picking bit.)

  3. I remember those days oh so well Sarah when my Biscuits were smaller.....xx

  4. mmmmm.....sleeeeep. those photos make me want to go back to bed right now!