Wednesday, 26 May 2010

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Hello my name is Sarah and I am a vintage chinaholic.
It's true. I can not stop buying random (but beautiful) pieces of old crockery from the charity shop.
My parents had a Wedgwood set of the Willow pattern dinner service as a wedding gift. 
Not one piece remains...all of it lost or broken. All of it? What were they doing? Smashing it into the fireplace, Greek style?
Anyhow, I remember it, well I think I do. I'm pretty sure I ate sausage and chips off a willow plate as a nipper. So it's a very nostalgic bit of old china for me. 
I want to hang these on the wall with these adhesive plate hangers as seen a while back on Kirstie's Homemade Home.
I think I might want to do something stitchy too or a print of some sort inspired by the Willow pattern. It's so beautiful, don't you think? As is the little tale...
Whilst we sit around the table, Please allow me to relate, The entrancing ancient fable Of "The Willow Pattern Plate."
Every picture tells a story, Like the Willow Pattern Plate, Where two lovers dwelt in glory, And defied paternal hate.
By elopement from the castle You observe upon the ridge, Where the violent old rascal Chases them across the bridge.
Tries to catch the rogue and whip him, 'Ere he steals the daughter fair; But the loving pair outstrip him, Let him languish in despair.
Thrown upon their own resources, In a junk they emigrate, To a splendid little oasis, Near the margin of the plate.
Dwell in peace, whilst unmolested, In most perfect harmony; Till at length they are arrested, by his Nibs' gendarmerie.
Then the tyrant lord appeals to Law and lucre, with their pow'r; Caught, confined, they have their meals too, In that horrid little tow'r.
When the pair are executed, To appease their lord irate, To a pair of doves transmuted, Still they fly upon the plate.
Every picture tells a story, Like the Willow Pattern blue, And true love will reign in glory, To infinity! Adieu      {B.L. Bowers} 

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{ps. Sorry for the gazillion times this was published but something went awry with spacing....Hhmmmmm}


  1. They are absolutely gorgeous. Make sure your parents don't touch them! lol

  2. Gorgeous and I love that poem! My Mum did a willow pattern plate cross stitch for my sister years ago. It was rather gorgeous. She might still have the pattern. If you would like me to find out email me. She might be able to scan it in and send it to you.

  3. Thanks for sharing the story which i've never heard. We have a collection of china with the willow pattern. I especially love our coffee pot, sugar bowl and jug. Love your photos.
    Cathy x

  4. Love the gorgeous colors and designs!

  5. A fellow chinaholic!! I have a thing for pastel ones...Colclough in particular. Your plates are wonderful and thanks for the tale. :)

  6. Those are very beautiful shots nevermind pieces. The blue is so cold and vibrant. xo m.

  7. Love it Sarah!
    p.s there are worse things to be addicted to!!

  8. I do love the willow pattern and those photos are truly fabulous.

  9. Love the photos. Look forward to seeing the finished display. Lou.

  10. i couldn't agree more, the willow pattern is lovely and would lend itself beautifully to embroidery or cross stitch. you photos are so lovely. a cautionary tale regarding the adhesive plate hangers. i used some several years ago and awoke to a horrible crash in the middle of the night. i crept out to find three of my great aunts gorgeous china plates in tiny pieces. they may well have been not as good as your hangers but i would hate to see that crockery go the same way as aunty marge's

  11. Gorgeous photos Sarah! We've almost brocken all the plates and bowls we got for our wedding presents too. I'm blaming the unforgiving concrete floors. X