Sunday, 23 May 2010

✴ a good vintage

Last night we had a lovely dinner with some even lovelier friends who met just over two years ago at our wedding.....and are now engaged! Awww... don't you just love a well thought out seating plan..!
So I managed to show off some recent vintage finds, a few actually bought that day!
A square patterned plate {Diamond China Ltd} £2
Two tureens with a blue transfer pattern {Crescent China - George Jones and Sons} £4 each
A small blue and gold rimmed jug {Colclough} £1
A "Manchu" blue and white fan jar, missing the lid {Mason's} £2.50
Apart from the Colclough jug, which I think may be 1950's/60's the other items appear to be a bit older, possibly before 1920. I've been doing a bit of research into china back stamps, it seems the term 'Made in England' was used after 1920, beforehand it was just 'England'. Quite fascinating really and good to know when searching the shelves at the charity shop!
More fleamarket finds at Her Library Adventures...


  1. Everything is so beautiful! I think the sweet blue jug is just adorable.

  2. How gorgeous everything looks! I will remember that tip when looking at china in the future - thanks! As for the love story - it does my romantic heart good to hear of such things!

  3. I love the way you have displayed your photo's, looks great xx

  4. we had beans and potato wedges last night...they did not look as wonderful as yours on those gorgeous plates.
    beautiful Sarah!
    sounds like a wonderful evening & a very romantic story.

  5. beautiful story and absolutely gorgeous table setting just love mauve and blue together so vintage sweet

  6. Quite obviously you shall be dubbed the wedding Guests of Honour and presented with a cupid-type bow thing.

  7. Sarah, again with the beautiful photos!!
    Lovely lucky finds!

  8. Your photos are proof people can live elegantly on thrifted items ... so many people do it. (Not to mention everything's in blue and white, exactly what I collect myself.)

    My Flea Market Find