Sunday, 30 May 2010

✴ she says...

It's turning chilly, she says.... Not so. Today was glorious. Oh, bank holiday weekend weather, how I doubted you.
At Wisley today, because, well, we thought the weather would be rubbish and didn't plan anything spectacular. Hooray for RHS membership and only a hop skip and a jump away to the gardens of loveliness!!
There was much walking running after an energetic toddler, quack quacks and dribbly chin ice-cream eating, yum. Hello Summer!
I was just in love with this gathering of purple alliums outside the glasshouse. Just shrubbery last time we visited, and now look! I love their fuzzy pompom-ness!
I love that Wisley changes every time I visit.


  1. Gorgeous pictures, sounds like a lovely weekend...

  2. Stunning! Alliums are my favorites...

  3. Hi Sarah. My Mum has found that willow plate cross stitch book. Do you want to email me (the address is in my profile) and I'll email you back with the pattern? My Dad has offered to scan the whole book for you bless him!

  4. Oh, oh, oh! Suddenly all over-overwhelmed with warm envy. Currently typing in dressing gown over clothes. Brrrrr.

  5. gorgeous pics Sarah!! love the colour.
    sounds lke a gorgeous weekend, hope you have a happy week

  6. Oh these are beautiful. I planted some of these in my garden a few months ago and totally forgot about them so was a fabulous surprise when they opened up recently.

    Hope you enjoyed the rest of the long weekend

  7. Oooh, that Wisley looks lovely indeed and the Alliums are something special too.

  8. These pictures are really beautiful! xx