Sunday, 30 May 2010

✴ chilled

Just when you think it's time to paint your toenails, don your flip flops and sup a lovely chilled glass of rosé, the weather turns nasty. Bbbrrrr....woolly socks on , rainy day indoors (it's bank holiday weekend, what did we expect?) and instead I'm reaching for a warming glass of red!
I picked up these two lovelies at my usual charity shop around the corner, one of two that I frequently haunt, to the point that I should be given a loyalty card...
I'm sure these glasses have been on the shelf waving at me for some time but I've ignored their dusty loveliness until the other day. Maybe there was nothing else of any interest there that helped me zone in on these two small crystal goblets. I have an inkling that they are crystal for several reasons; they are reasonably heavy for their small size, there is no mold mark, for instance where two halves of glass have been joined and most importantly, there is a beautiful melodic ding (which is a different pitch on each glass) when tapped. I'm usually a bit wary of anything that hasn't got a price on it (yes, even in a charity shop!) but these were a 'bargain basement' 25p each!!! Joy!
Bottoms up!
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  1. Giggles, a frequent thrifter card, he he he.
    If it's any consolation, the East Coast of Australia is under storms from an off shore cyclonic system!! Yikes, love Posie

  2. oh they are very pretty - bet the wine tastes even better in them!

  3. your red looks so beautiful i wish i was there enjoying it with you.

    My Flea Market Find

  4. my word you find some fabulous things! glad the weather has turned bright again for you xx

  5. Thanks for popping in to visit my blog. She's a lovely Mum. I love your flowers. I thought they looked like agapanthus which flower in November over here. Your photos are glorious.

    Kind regards,