Thursday, 29 April 2010

✴ my creative space

Now that the baba has discovered her legs my time is mainly spent on trying to control the mayhem that often ensues...
Such daily pursuits as; falling in/out of the toy box, climbing over the furniture, chasing fearful cats, pulling the books off the shelves, throwing rice cakes/blueberries/peas into random corners of the house/ironing basket/my pocket, and graffiti style crayoning.
This all requires careful monitoring ignoring and controlling tea supping....
It's futile to try and control a determined toddler who has new legs, and shoes.
Consequently my list of unfinished projects is deficient of triumphant ticks and so I have decided to focus on things I can actually achieve, which has led to picking the wildflowers in the garden.
Bluebells, forget-me-nots and crushed daisy heads...(thankyou Ella...).
Aren't they pretty though? And so delightfully fragrant. I love that there is at least one tidy, beautiful and, perhaps a little stylish space, on this unreachable mantlepiece, that helps me stay positive and focus on the creative.

My creative space at Kootoyoo.


  1. So pretty, when my children were that small, I would buy flowers and put them up high, as you say, even just to have a little space that was sweet and creative!

  2. Such beautiful piccies!! Made me smile...ta muchly!! Hope you have a brilliant weekend :)

  3. ehehehehe
    it is the same story for me....
    toys are everywhere and the house looks like a bomb exploded...

  4. They are gorgeous flowers indeed.

  5. Thanks Sarah for visiting my blog. How exciting to come across another British Blogger !!! There aren't many of us about. Just had a wee peek at some of your work. I'm sure your bride is going to be delighted.
    Fiona x

  6. They look so lovely! Oh, I have to laugh at your toddler story. Isn't it hilarious the things they can do when they find their legs! There is never a dull moment from here on in...