Friday, 30 April 2010

✴ all the way from...

...Oregon, USA!! My pincushion has arrived from Kellie at Eclectic Chica and I just love it.
So beautifully crocheted and sewn. Thank you Kellie, and for the extra lovelies, a packet of pins and a granny square necklace. Oh and such a sweet message in the botanical flower print card.
Loved taking part in this swap


  1. What a fabulous package Kellie sent you! Have fun sticking pins in your new cushion. Seriously Sarah, you take the most stunning photos. The other day I finished something and couldn't get a good shot of it and almost considered asking how you would feel if I sent it to you to photograph for me. I know, it sounds excessive but I love what you do.

  2. That pincushion looks great! So nice to get a special parcel just for you.

  3. Lucky you!!
    p.s Kate is so right about your photos!

  4. absolutely gorgeous Sarah!!
    I bet it is fantastic, but you make it look absolutely amazing.

    hope you have a good, thanks for the sweet comment

  5. Yay! I am so happy that you received your package, Sarah. Your enthusiasm with it made my day - no probably my month at least! And I agree, your photos are always so beautiful....can't wait to see some more inspiring sewing :-)