Saturday, 1 May 2010

✴ may day, may day : GIVEAWAY!!!

It's two years ago today that I started wittering away here to anyone who would listen.
Ok, so I maybe took a bit of a sabbatical for ... of those years but I was away, busy creating my biggest and best project to date......and she thanks me by calling me Daddy!!!!?
Thank you for all your comments, for stopping by and having a cup of tea (metaphorically speaking) and cheering me up and boosting my confidence with your lovely sentiments and words of wisdom.
So, to say ta, I'm having a bit of a giveaway. My very first (about time...)!
A bag of magical mysterious delights......
Well.....not literally magical....or that mysterious.....but delightful none the less.
A goodie bag of handmade goodness, from me, to you.
All you have to do to enter is leave a comment here, telling me about your May Day weekend pursuits. What are you up to or what have you done this weekend? What does May Day mean to you?
Perhaps you're heading out to a good old fashioned village fair and a dance around the maypole?
Or maybe you like to spend the bank holiday weekend nestling under the duvet and slouching around the house (hmmm...if only).
This weekend I'm hoping to fit in a visit to a farm, sunday lunch with friends and hopefully a long overdue visit to the V&A (Quilts - finally!). All, as always, dependent on weather.
Oh and I'm sending much love to a May Day Bride.
Anybody, anywhere can enter. I'll draw a winner out of the proverbial hat in a weeks time.
Until then, have a fabulous weekend.


  1. happy anniversary! We are having a long weekend in Australia too, except it is labour day, which does not sound near so romantic as May day! We are having friends over, meeting some new neighbours for drinks, and pottering around the garden. Hope you enjoy your long weekend!

  2. Two years! Wow, I bet a lot has happened in those 24 monts. Enjoy your weekend, it must be getting warmer there while here it is chilly & the leaves are falling. Isn't it lovely to be home with family on the weekend, or friends, the people you love & who love you. Enjoy!! xo

  3. Huge happy birthday to your gorgeous blog! Two years is quite an achievement. Today I took the little two girls shopping for ballet clothes. On the way home we stopped at a garage sale and they each bought a scooter. The rest of the day was spent at the local skate park. Tomorrow we have our farm gate stall open but there will probably be a trip back to the skate park at some stage too. It is freeeeeezing here.

  4. Well from a baby blog to a big grown up two year old blog I say happy birthday to you! Our long week end went by with just the usual house full of mad kids, madder parents, friends, dogs, coffee and roast dinner all in all a good one.

  5. Happy Anniversary! No long weekend for us Western Australians I'm afraid. We've been hanging out - still a bit sick and grizzly - watching our footy teams win on the tele and baking biscuits with the children.

  6. Happy anniversary! I think the most wonderful thing about blogging is the gorgeous people you 'meet' & share your world with, something I had no idea it would become...sounds like you have a lovely weekend ahead I hope the weather is fabulous for you. Hubby has a very social/worky type weekend so the kids & I are hanging out at home pottering about & I'm giving some thrifted stools a re-vamp...bliss!

  7. Hey Sarah happy bloggy birthday! And thank you for your lovely comments on my blog ;) No long weekend here in Australia BUT here in sydney we are finally getting a bit of cooler weather which to me is the perfect excuse to stay indoors and SEW!!

  8. Happy 2 years, that's cool & each post of yours is adorable, love Posie

  9. Happy blogaversary!
    I would love to be entered. My long weekend involved friends for lunch yesterday, my MiL for lunch today and a day to do whatever we like tomorrow which for me is hopefully finishing my latest blanket!

  10. Happy May Day and a happy celebration to your 2 year mark....It's quite wonderful meeting such lovely people!

  11. Wow Sarah! Two years!!
    I'd love to enter......this weekend involves the comedown after eldest Biscuit's birthday on Friday so relaxation for me and bike building and 'forced' garden sorting for Hubby.
    Loving Hubby having a Monday holiday from work to spend with us.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

  12. I know May day means a lot to the northern hemisphere but in topsy turvy land (aka Australia) May day means birthdays to me ... my niece Miss T's birthday. Time to take her somewhere nice for lunch, and to play her day with my mum. I hope you guys had a great weekend.

  13. happy May day Sarah & congrats on your bloggy bday.
    it's always a pleasure to stop by & visit & admire your beautiful pics & wonderful creations.
    well done & hope to be visiting you for many more years to come

  14. Happy Anniversary! :-)

    Amazingly we had good weather in Ireland last weekend so I spent a lot of time outside with my new camera.

  15. That's a great achievement to have been blogging for 2 yrs. I love your blog name - it's very clever. Hope I'm not too late for your giveaway!