Monday, 1 March 2010

✴ steptoes dog

I would dearly love to be able to rummage for hours in the many charity and antique shops that are nearby to us but alas sometimes some things are just impossible with an energetic toddler and a pushchair. So occasionally a girl has to look to modern ways to get her vintage fix. 
Steptoes Dog Antiques is an online antique shop with some fabulous vintage finds...
My order arrived this weekend.
Treasures ~
one bag of assorted vintage buttons
one 1930's buckle
two 1930's side plates
one bag of ten assorted vintage tray cloths

The vintage buttons are being sorted and put together to make decorative hair grips.
The side plates are to go on a patch of wall which needs some decoration (more plates to find...)
The tray cloths are for crafty purposes and fabric scraps. There were some pretty crochet doilies one which just goes so perfectly on our arts and crafts sideboard in the hallway so there it shall stay.
Another of the cloths has been part embroidered which makes me wonder at the story behind this unfinished piece of work....Hmmmm perhaps a busy mama like me, with grand ideas and very little time!!!

More treasures can be found here ...


  1. steptoe's dog is a marvellous place. Great buys!

  2. What a lovely order you have received! I will have to check out steptoe's dog.

  3. Wow! That embroidery looks amazing! What a great package to receive all at once!

  4. I haven't heard of steptoe's dog before ... i'm off to check. great buys by the way. they look amazing.

  5. I love plates on walls, they always remind me of my nan, & those embroiered cloth such detail, enjoy your treasures!

  6. Gosh, I wish we had a online shop like that here in Australia! Your goodies are wonderful. Oh the jealousy! :)

  7. when I first read that I thought, oh what about walking around the shop and fossicking but then realised that getting a parcel in the mail would make up for that!

    parcels are so exciting.

  8. Oh treasures in a parcel! Now that's mail I would love to receive! Beautiful finds indeed! Thanks so much for playing along.
    Sophie x

  9. We love Steptoes Dog it's a real treasure trove