Thursday, 25 February 2010

✴ my creative space

Sometimes, when in the making zone, it's so very easy to get so very carried away with delightful things.
There has been a little party in my creative space. To cheer up a bit of crochet. 
There has been dreamy soft velvet, tiny beads and sparkly diamante.
Golden thread, sequins and satin.
Gathering and ruching and fraying.
And although these beautiful things are so vivacious and fun in their own way. When they all got together, well, it was all just a bit too much. Each one vying for attention and adoration.
The bit of crochet felt ignored and unloved.
So we sent them packing and invited a humble scrap of ticking and a bit of ribbon and danced into the wee small hours....
Sometimes the simplest things just seem to work out better.
{Don't worry the other things have another party to go to}

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  1. Ah so true. Simple is very often best.

  2. beautiful pics Sarah! love the colours.

    thanks also for stopping by & leaving such a sweet comment.

  3. Love the satin ruching, and that ribbon is so gorgeous!

  4. Oh perty. I like simple and stylish but like a little magpie I am drawn to sparkles and shimmers.

  5. I like clean and simple designs.. sometimes when i try to make things too fancy, i often ruin things...

    btw gorgeous pic of the beads!!^^

  6. Love the button and ribbon - simple and classic is always best in my book! Nic

  7. love your ticking button with the little bow- too cute. Your blog is divine!

  8. less is more. love the ticking button and bow. such sweet photos

  9. Your button and bow combo is just perfect!!