Tuesday, 2 March 2010

✴ the good life

This is the 'before' photo of my vegetable patches. Please don't get excited into thinking that there may be a glorious 'after' shot....This photo was taken yesterday!
These have been a 'work in progress' for well over a year now...Oh dear.
When the baba was very small, well, much smaller than she is now, I would bundle her in blankets and wheel her out in the pram and she would happily fall asleep leaving me with a wonderful hour to do some weeding and tidying. But it was far too much work for just the odd bit of weeding with stolen hours and predictable nap times and so the weeds grew back, much faster than I could pull them out. It got to the point where it just seemed easier to leave it and wait for the deathly hand of winter to take it's toll.
And so this is where we are now. Spring is, well, here! At last. The sun is shining, everything's greener and buds are blooming. It's time to get back to it. 
The 'after' shot may be a while off yet but I'm determined to turn into a proper little Barbara Good by the end the year (but maybe without the flared dungarees!).

I'll be getting lots of help from the RHS 
And this book 
I'm inspired by Daylesford Organics 
And garlic grown here 
Organic seeds from here and here 
I would love to make these spoon plant labels from Melbourne Epicure 
And my own garden gloves from a pattern by Heather Ross 
Or this tool apron pattern here 
A nicer way to bag up that garden waste from Hen and Hammock 
And a lovely way to gather and store my homegrown veg

Phew... This gardening lark is really exhausting....Cuppa tea?


  1. I fear, Sarah, I may be more of a Margot than a Barbara!
    Good luck with the garden!

  2. Oh you are so lucky to be out in the garden! It is still indoor garden and the lifestyle porn that is Country Living magazine. My whole family loved the Good Life when I was a kid and did, in fact, try to live the self-sufficient life in the suburbs. All those lovely inspirations you have mentioned should help you through all the work that is gardening.

  3. You must do it! A vegie garden is so rewarding & the kids love it too! However, I must admit my hubby is the gardener, not me...